Yesterday, company CSO Peter Otto and high-end audio guru Mark Waldrep hosted their second Kickstarter LIVE event from the Spatial Audio Lab at UCSD. You can check out the video by clicking here. The response has been very encouraging in spite of a couple of initial technical challenges. The event highlighted the amazing — and unique — capabilities of our beamforming sound bar.

In addition, three local audiophiles showed up unexpectedly. They were able to listen to the live event AND experience the YARRA 3DX sound bar after the event ended. Here’s what one of them wrote on our KS comments page:

“Met Mark and Peter and they were gracious enough to let my two friends and me sit in the studio while they did the live stream. I’m already a backer, and now the two friends I brought are backers as well. We were able, after the live stream, to sit down and listen to a near field example of beam forming. Absolute magic. The ability to create a wrap around sound stage is absolutely stunning. I signed up because I thought this would be a nice upgrade to my TV sound bar. I left thinking this may well replace my high end audio speakers as well.
Thank you to Mark whose blog I’ve followed for a couple years now, and whose AIX catalog of music is my go to source for High-Res music. Thanks also to Peter. His disarming and thoroughly charming demeanor belie his status as a leading international figure in the field of sound. I walked away comfortable in the knowledge that these guys are exactly who they say they are, and the product does everything they say it will do. I’m very excited to take delivery early next year.”

Everyone who gets a chance to experience YARRA 3DX is immediately blown away by the immersive surround sound that it delivers. So we’re going to bring the experience to you! The plan is to have open house events in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco at the end of next week. If you’ve interested, please be sure to sign up to the VIP list to get the details. And if this sounds like something you’d like to attend, please feel free to leave a comment or write an email to

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