Company CSO Peter Otto hosted a YARRA 3DX demo event in New York City on October 20, 2017 in NYC. Shortly after it ended, the following comment was posted on our Kickstarter page:

“Today I’ve had the opportunity to experience the demo of the product we are all eagerly waiting for. I was speechless…Peter took his time and explained to me every single detail and guided me through one of the most amazing sounds experiences ever. 

The sound coming out of this bar is mind blowing! 

We went through different music, movie and gaming samples. I am not associated with the company, but frankly speaking, for this amount of money (and yes, even the shipping cost outside US) you cannot, and let me repeat, you cannot get anything better on the market. This product brings orgasmic feelings to your ears (excuse me for explicit comment). 

I cannot wait for next year, when this amazing piece of technology will find its spot in my apartment. Chapo to the team! I was literally blown away, smiled like an idiot for more than an hour. The sound was coming from everywhere! When you close your eyes, you don’t have the feeling that you are in a room anymore. You think you are in the middle of a movie, a game or in a perfect concert hall. 

Absolutely stunning! IMAX quality sound system in your apartment and I am not kidding!

 I cannot praise the team enough for their communication. This project should serve as a pilot project for a Kickstarter for all the future creators out there. Peter, thank you so much for today’s presentation. I could write another few lines about my excitement, but you will all experience it next year. This is just crazy!”

The campaign ends in less than a week. Take advantage of our heavily discounted TWO PACK SPECIAL and bring home 2 YARRA 3DX units. Thanks again for all of the support.

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