Our Kickstarter campaign launched just a few days ago, but has already topped $200,000. The sky’s the limit for this amazing technology and we’re hoping to see the number of backers eclipse 1000 within the next few days. And you can help. Kickstarter encourages campaigns to offer “stretch goals” as incentives for backers to increase their pledge level (imagine having multiple YARRA 3DX sound bars in your home or vacation location) or assist in spreading the word to friends and family.

We’re already looking to $500,000 as a potential stretch goal and we want your help in identifying accessories, codecs, features, cabling options, or anything else that would make the unit more attractive. Just let use know by responding here, write an email to info@yarra3dx.com, or visit the contact page on this site. We’re very interested in hearing what you’d like to see with your YARRA 3DX speaker. If you haven’t yet backed our exciting product, there’s still units available for 50% off. Just visit the Kickstarter page by Clicking Here.

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